Natural Laundry Soap Benefits

Zum Clean laundry soap is different from most of your commercial laundry detergents that contain chemicals and synthetics in their formulation. 

You may not know it but, your synthetic laundry detergent may do more harm than good to your family. The synthetic detergents you buy in the grocery may give you false promises that could lead to more health problems you have never thought of from seemingly mundane laundry soap.

Instead, Zum Clean is made from non-toxic ingredients and has many more benefits for washing laundry than you’ve probably thought about.

What Makes Zum Clean Laundry Soap Safer Than Other Detergents?

How can synthetic detergents be harmful, you ask? Have you ever felt itchy and irritable skin in areas of your body where you put clothes on? Or have you ever had a headache or feel nauseated while doing laundry? These may be mild symptoms of the presence of toxins in your detergent soap.

Synthetic detergents have ingredients that may clean your clothes but damage your health and even the environment. Without you knowing it, your favourite detergents may contain unsafe contents like chlorine bleach, synthetic fragrance, foaming agents and optical brighteners.

Bleach, used as a household cleaner, is an active ingredient in many detergents. They can whiten clothes, but it can also damage fabrics over time. It is irritating to the skin and as a laundry ingredient, in fact, bleach has been known to cause skin allergies.

The synthetic scent of blossom that you sniff in your preferred detergent can also bring allergies and even respiratory problems. Little do you know that you may be inhaling formaldehyde in these soaps. Formaldehyde is a known cause of skin allergies and can also cause cancer in animals and humans. In some studies, phthalates or the carriers of fragrances in detergents have also shown adverse effects on respiratory organs. Just imagine how many times you and your family are exposed to these harmful fumes.

Meanwhile, surfactants or foaming agents in detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphate have been considered as one of the most dangerous ingredients in products today. Studies claim that this component is retained in the heart, liver and brain. In extreme cases, this ingredient can cause cancer.

Optical brighteners are tricky ingredients in your detergents. They trick your senses, giving you the illusion that your clothes are whiter after washing. Instead of providing cleaner fabrics, this ingredient only leaves more chemicals in your clothes. People have suffered from skin irritations and allergies due to this toxic element.

Switch To Zum Clean Laundry Soap to Enjoy Its Benefits

Now that you know the dangers of ingredients in your detergents, it’s time to switch to all-natural alternative laundry soap with more benefits. Zum Clean laundry soap is a reliable organic brand that is tough on stains, yet gentle and mild to your body and the environment.

Zum Clean works well on stubborn stains. It leaves a clean feeling that’s safe and harmless because it contains only organic and natural ingredients like coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, sodium borate, sodium bicarbonate, and pure essential oils.

Switch to Zum Clean laundry soap now and enjoy these benefits:

  1.  Zum Clean is more effective than your leading synthetic detergent soap. This product has active plant-based ingredients that work harder than chemical components. Thus, with Zum Clean, you can say goodbye to stains, without the guilt of polluting the environment.

  2. Zum Clean is good for your health, especially to your skin. Your skin is always in contact with your clothes. You need non-toxic laundry soap that will not leave harsh residues in fabrics. Zum Clean leaves your clothes clean, comfortable and non-irritating.

  3. Zum Clean rinses off easily and does not leave residue on clothes. With Zum Clean, you can save time and energy doing your laundry.  Now, you can enjoy doing more important things with your family. Less rinse also means less water usage. So, you can also save up on water and money from your water bills!

  4. Zum Clean is friendly for the environment. The biodegradable ingredients in Zum Clean do not pollute water. Thus, this detergent is water-supply friendly. Add to this, Zum Clean also helps improve the quality of air. The ingredients of Zum Clean are safe to breathe in, encouraging for a healthier and safer home for your family.

  5. Zum Clean is affordable. Organic products like Zum Clean may seem to be more expensive than the popular detergent soaps, but in the long run you will realise how much savings it can add to your wallet. Zum Clean saves on doctor’s visits, water bills, time and energy. Thus, you save a lot more money!

So, if you are looking for tough, affordable and reliable organic laundry soap for your home, turn to Nature’s Glory Zum Clean and enjoy a healthier, stress-free life. Zum Clean laundry soap is made with essential oils and fresh scents of citrus, so your laundry is fresh and clean.

There are no detergents, no phosphates, no chlorine, no petrochemicals, no synthetics, no dyes in our natural cleaning products: they're 100% biodegradable and safe for aquatic life. Our Zum Clean Laundry Soap is safe for septic tanks. What's inside are ingredients you can pronounce.

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