7 Reasons Why We Love The Blessed Soaps®️ Castile Soap

The Blessed Soaps®️ is an award winning castile soap from Singapore that has been featured in the Beauty Insider for the “Best Organic/Natural Product” and “Best Body Product (Body Wash)”, Reader’s Choice Award in 2019. 

Some of the reviews from the customers include:

“If you’re really serious about using all-natural body products, then this is the best body washes for you! All of its ingredients, manufacturing and packaging processes meet *and even exceeds!) the criteria of NASAA – one of Australia’s most stringent organic certifying bodies. It has no parabens, dimethicones, SLS, artificial colours, or artificial fragrances. This is pure, natural and organic goodness for your hair and skin.”

“It’s only $15, but it smells amazing. Even a little amount makes me feel so clean and fresh!”

“I use this on myself and my two-year-old son — and you know how dirty little boys can get in the playground!” says one mom.

“I have dry, sensitive skin. My legs and arms are particularly dry because I play tennis regularly. After a few days of using this, I noticed my skin was less itchy and felt smoother. I am very happy with this product!”

No wonder Beauty Insider and consumers have stopped to pay attention to the Blessed Soaps®️ castile soap. We also love that it is a homegrown Singaporean brand with the potential to be huge and compete with the likes of Dr. Bronner and other well-known international castile soap brands.

The Blessed Soaps®️ castile soap has its own unique soap formulation powered with special nano-quantum technology gently cleanses while leaving your skin still feeling moisturised. The castile soap also has the right mix of natural ingredients to lather well and not clog your skin. Some other castile soaps can be very drying and leave a white film or residue, but The Blessed Soaps®️ castile soaps are carefully formulated to avoid that.

7 Reasons Why We Love Castile Soaps

For those who have sensitive skin and skin issues, castile soaps is a saver! Here are just 7 reasons why we love castile soaps:

Gentle on Skin

Castile soap is gentle enough to be used for pets, babies and those with sensitive skin. It is likely that those with skin issues have been looking for the right product, and castile soap is a game changer! Because it is made from vegetable oils and a host of other natural ingredients, castile soap can be moisturising, even after washing.

Natural Fragrances

Castile soaps use natural fragrances such as pure essential oils to add scents to their soap. Instead of using artificial scents, essential oils also have different properties to soothe and calm your well-being, like lavender or peppermint for example. Moreover, consumers have less to worry about when it comes to irritation of the skin with natural fragrances.

Good for the Environment

What’s good for your skin is also good for the environment! The natural ingredients used in castile soap lower the amount of pollution in lakes and rivers nearby when soap is washed out through the drainage system. In addition, as most natural ingredients are able to break down and biodegrade, there’s less of a chance for this runoff to cause harm to aquatic life and damage the natural environment.


You’d be surprised that animal fat or tallow is utilised when manufacturing certain items like makeup, candles and soap. However, for those who are vegan and vegetarian, using plant-based oils for making soap instead can be a better and more ethical alternative. 

Certified Organic

While not all castile soaps are certified organic, most brands do ensure that their ingredients are sourced from the best quality farms. Having a certified organic soap can mean even better transparency and quality of ingredients, as certified organic products go through stringent checks and do not contain artificial chemicals of any kind. This means enjoying a better quality soap product that’s also safe for your skin.

Highly Concentrated

Castile soaps are highly concentrated liquid soaps, making the soap very affordable and efficient. You just need a few drops to use regularly or even to dilute the soap for other cleaning purposes. A little drop goes a long way!

Versatile Product

Not only is it used as a body wash, castile soap can also be used for dishwashing liquid, shampoo, laundry detergent, as a household cleaner, pet wash and much more! The soap is so versatile - it is efficient, gentle and yet gets rid of dirt and grime on every surface. You can save even more money by just purchasing this one product.

Why We Love The Blessed Soaps®️ Range of Castile Soaps

The Blessed Soaps®️ castile soap ticks all the boxes when it comes to castile soaps - it is a certified organic, premium castile soap that gently cleanses while removing dirt and grime. It is affordable, highly concentrated and versatile soap - you can even buy it in 1 gallon or 3776ml  bottles for use for the whole household. 

We especially love the refreshing natural scents - Baby Love Unscented, Citrus Joy, Eucalyptus Self-Control, Lavender Peace, Peppermint Patience, Tea Tree Kindness. They are a joy to have in the shower, so that you can freshen up and invigorate yourself to take on the day. 

Each castile soap is made from a liquid soap based made from organic coconut, olive and sunflower oils, along with 100% pure organic essential oils to pamper your skin. All ingredients, manufacturing and packaging processes conform and well exceed the Approved Cosmetics standards of NASAA - one of Australia’s most stringent organic certifying bodies. The soaps also do not contain any parabens, dimethicones, SLS, artificial colours or fragrances.

Along with the great reviews by customers, The Blessed Soaps®️ have become one of the top castile soaps in Singapore due its great formulation, branding and effectiveness. Now available at Nature’s Glory Singapore’s ecommerce store, stocking up on your stash of organic castile soap is easy with our online purchasing and delivery with the click of a few buttons. 

Get your favourite The Blessed Soaps®️ liquid castile soap here.

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