A Homemade Bubble Bath with Castile Soap

A bubble bath is a perfect tonic after a long, tiring day. Bathing is a great way to relax your body and mind, ease tension, and isolate yourself from the outside world. Unfortunately, the ingredients commonly found in store-bought bubble baths are not ideal for people with sensitive skin or those who choose to stay away from harsh chemicals.

Why Make a Bubble Bath?

Taking a bath can be a form of self-care and relaxation. Warm water can help relax your muscles and calm your mind. In fact, a recent study conducted by Japanese researchers found that participants who took a bath had better mental and physical health than those who took a shower.

How to Make a Bubble Bath With Castile Soap?

Step #1: Put your soap in a container or bowl

Soap is the basis of a good bubble bath as it is the source of the bubbles. Pour around half a cup of liquid castile soap into a bowl. You can use either scented or unscented liquid soap. If you are using unscented Castile soaps, you could customise its fragrance using essential oils later.
A great organic, scented castile soap you can use is the Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory, the best Dr Bronner's castile soap alternative in Singapore. They come in five different scents, including lavender, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus scent. It also has unscented Castile soaps suitable for newborn and those with sensitive skins.

Step #2: Add some honey

Pour some honey into the bowl. It will not only exude sweetness but also help moisturise your skin. Use about a tbsp of honey. Make sure to choose a runny and transparent type of honey.

Step #3: Add some mild oil

If you have very dry skin, consider adding one tbsp of mild almond oil. You could also substitute light almond oil with jojoba oil, olive oil or milk.

Step #4: Add egg whites

Adding egg whites to your bath might seem weird, but they help make your bubbles fluffier and last longer.

Step #5: Add essential oils

Essential oils make your bubble bath smells pleasant and help increase aromatherapy benefits during your bath time. So, if you are using unscented Castile oil, consider adding around five drops of essential oils into the mixture. Some excellent bath oils you may want to try are chamomile, vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and rose geranium.

Step #6: Mix all ingredients

Put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix them gently. Avoid overmixing the ingredients. Otherwise, the egg whites and soap will begin to harden and foam.

Step #7: Transfer the mixture into an empty container or bottle

You can use any container, including glass bottles that have a screw top or cork stopper and mason jars, to store the bubble bath mixture, as long as it can be closed securely. Also, consider labelling the container.

Step #8: Store your bubble bath mixture properly

Since the bubble bath has egg white, it can go bad rather quickly. Therefore, you should store the bubble bath in the fridge after using it. Also, try to finish it within a couple of days.

How to Prepare your Bubble Bath?

Step #1: Start filling your tub with water

Place the plug on the drain pipe and begin running the water. Let it run for a few minutes but be sure not to fill the whole tub for the time being.

Step #2: Pour your bubble bath into the stream of running water

Pour around a quarter cup of bubble bath mixture into the bathtub. Make sure to pour it under running water; this will allow the bubble bath to foam up easily.

Step #3: Fill your tub to your liking

Let the water fill the tub to the depth you want. One thing worth noting is that deeper water will retain heat much longer. So, if you want your bath to retain its warmth longer, fill up more water in the tub.

Step #4: Agitate the tub water if needed

To further help fluff the air bubbles, dip your hand into the water and move quickly back and forth. You should see the bubbles start to bubble more after a while.

Step #5: Enjoy a relaxing bath

By now, your bubble bath is ready. All you need to do is to step in the tub and soak in its warmth. Lean on the tub’s edge and soak for about twenty to thirty minutes.


Baths are a great way to relax, improve your blood circulation and sleep better. A homemade bubble bath using castile soap can rid your skin of irritating ingredients normally found in store-bought soaps. Making your own bubble bath allows you to experiment with different ingredients and scents, which is fun.

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