Alkaline Water Benefits

As with other economically and technologically advanced countries, alkaline water in Singapore is causing a stir here these days. But what really differentiates artificially produced ionized water from other types of alkaline water, and why is there a need to alkalize?

This article will answer these two important questions to help you decide whether or not you should give alkaline water a try.

Alkaline Water in Singapore: What Makes It Different?

Alkalized water can either be natural or artificial. While both are alkaline, there are a number of important differences. Three of their most important differences are as follows:

  1. Process. The process of creating artificial and natural alkaline water varies greatly. Artificially-produced ionized water is created by putting tap water through an electrical machine with built-in titanium or platinum plates and carbon filters, whereas naturally-occurring alkaline water (such as those found in springs) is created when spring water runs through rocks and, in the process, is infused with different alkaline minerals.

  2. pH level. Alkalinity can be measured by the water’s pH level. Spring water often has a pH of 8 to 8.5. On the other hand, ionized water often has a higher pH, usually within the range of 12 to 13.

  3. Content. There are different factors affecting water’s alkalinity, one of which would be its contents. While alkaline spring water is often rich in magnesium and calcium (minerals which are beneficial to the body), the alkaline water available in the market is often laced with small amounts of platinum and titanium, both of which are toxic.

The Popularity of Alkaline Water in Singapore: Why is There A Need to Alkalize?

Alkaline water has taken the world by storm, gaining popularity in different regions and countries including Singapore. But what accounts for the sudden spark of interest in ionized water? The answer is fairly simple: the perceived need to alkalize.

Along with the development of technology—medical technology, in particular—came a growing health awareness among citizens of technologically-advanced states. One medical concept that has gained considerable attention is the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

The acid-alkaline balance is fundamental in the sense that it does not only affect the body at the cellular level but, instead, goes beyond that.

As a matter of fact, the acid-alkaline balance affects the body at the atomic level and, as such, directly affects the production of energy.

With the acidic food and beverages in the market, and with the lifestyle changes in Singapore and elsewhere in the world, acidity is becoming a common health concern. Alkaline water is purported to address this health concern.

However, it bears noting that alkalizing is more than just drinking alkaline water. It must be emphasized that ionized water can contain both acids and alkalis. Thus, what makes it alkaline is the ratio of alkalis to acids.

No matter how much we desire to be perfectly healthy, one must bear in mind that there is no such thing as a cure-all health product. True enough, the effectiveness of alkaline water in Singapore is being put to the test not only here, but also in other research-sophisticated countries.

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