Nutritional Supplements Health Benefits

Many adults in Singapore aim to pursue a healthier lifestyle. As a result, they become more conscious about their diet, exercise regime and health and wellness that could help them improve their physique and well-being.

Moreover, more Singaporeans are choosing to take health supplements daily or occasionally, without the need of prescription to boost their immunity and overall health.

Due to our busy lifestyles in Singapore, many feel that consuming daily health supplements can add nutritional value to our everyday meals with extra minerals and vitamins that may be lacking. 

Most of the common dietary supplements include minerals, herbals, botanicals, amino acids and vitamins. These dietary supplements may also be available in various forms, including capsules, powders, conventional tables, energy bars and energy drinks.

The more popular varieties of dietary supplements are minerals such as iron and calcium, vitamins E and D, garlic herbs and echinacea and other products such as probiotics, fish oils and glucosamine.

Health Benefits of Health Supplements Singapore

When faced with a busy schedule and a long winding list of errands to do all day in Singapore, it’s probably easy to get lost in an array of unhealthy foods and settle for anything that’s not nutritious. Sometimes, you may even choose to skip meals.

When you’re not eating enough or not eating healthy or nutritious meals, taking health supplements may be a smart decision.

Taking these health supplements in Singapore can give you the adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins your body needs to perform at a high level. The active ingredients found in these health supplements help people maintain their health.

Scientific evidence states that health supplements can be beneficial to overall well-being. These dietary supplements can also be taken to improve certain medical conditions and diseases.

For instance, vitamin D and calcium supplements are used to reduce bone loss and keep bones strong.

Prenatal vitamins which usually contain folic acid, on the other hand, are used by women who are trying to be pregnant, already pregnant and those who are currently breast-feeding to reduce the risk of having birth defects. Omega 3 fatty acids are commonly used by people with heart illnesses.

The Need to Read What is on Health Supplement Labels

Before taking health supplements, it’s crucial for you to read what is on the label. The label usually lists the contents, the active ingredients, the amount of ingredients per serving and additional ingredients such as binders, flavourings and fillers.

There usually exists a serving size that is recommendable for the user on the list. The recommended dose may however be disregarded, if your healthcare provider suggests a different dosage that best suits your needs.

Health Supplements Singapore: Don’t Use as Substitute for Whole Foods

While health supplements can give you essential nutrients that you need, it doesn’t mean that you can start taking your whole foods for granted. Health supplements were not designed to become food substitutes but to serve as complements.

A healthy diet is one that features an array of foods from different food groups, and not just based on the intake of health supplements.

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