Certified Organic Food Products

How to tell whether a product is really Organic?

Certified Organic is more than just having the logo of the organic body on the labels. The logo must come with a valid certification number below it, and this number can be verified from the website of the organic body issuing the certificate, to see if it is a valid certificate. (Not expired or removed). If certification number is valid, this means that the independent processes which audit the organic products from farm to finish are in place, to ensure that there is no contamination or mixing with non-organic products. There are also checks in place to ensure that the products are transported, stored and packed in the absence of chemicals or fumigants. 

The absence of the certification number below the logo maybe a sign that the proper organic certification has not been done or the certification has not been renewed or is no longer valid. Although the organic bodies are very strict on the use of their logos, many merchants flout the rules and use the organic logos indiscriminately, fooling unsuspecting customers that the product is organic when it is not.  Nature’s Glory is independently certified and audited by NASAA Australia to international organic standards and our organic certification number is 8131P. Validity can be verified on www.nasaaorganic.org.au

Do look out for the organic certification number of the organic logos and verify it before you purchase an “organic” or “certified organic” product.  From the certification number, you can also check if the company is allowed to use the logo and also check for the detailed list of products carried by that company that are certified organic by the organic auditing body.

For a detailed list of Nature’s Glory products that are certified organic, click this link: https://nasaaorganic.org.au/organic-products/find-organic-producers-products/product-search/  and type in “8131P”

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