HiFloAM Water® Filtration System for Mild Alkaline Water

Developed by renowned Japanese scientist Dr Kokichi Hanaoka, HiFloAM Water® is a mild alkaline water filtration system that not only filters out nasty chemicals and particles, but also provides powerful antioxidant health effects with its alkaline-ionised water.

This water filtration machine was created after years of study of natural spring water and how to replicate its health benefits for everyone to enjoy. Turn your regular tap water into a mild alkaline-ionised water to let you and your whole family enjoy and reap its benefits!

Origins of HiFloAM Water®

Dr Kokichia Hanaoka is a respected Japanese scientist and researcher who gave a talk about how to “Fight Cancer the Natural Way” in 2000 in Singapore and recommended consuming alkaline-ionised water for good health and recovery. 

In 2014, after much research, Dr Hanaoka further perfected electrolysed water technology to replicate properties similar to natural spring waters of France, Germany and Mexico. This HiFloAM Water® technology provides powerful antioxidant effects to trap free radicals and prevent DNA cell damage. The alkaline-ionised water also helps to neutralise some acids caused by the intake of food, drinks and stress.

Benefits of HiFloAM Water®

Unlike other alkaline water filters, HiFloAM Water® produces mild alkaline water with a pH level of 7 to 8, which is more general on the stomach and suitable for all ages to consume. Moreover, it has higher oxygen and hydrogen levels than regular alkaline water, increasing the amount that can be absorbed for cellular health and anti-ageing effects.

Due to the unique technology, HiFloAM Water® generates:

  1. High oxygen for cellular energy and health (up to 60% more than alkaline water).
  2. High hydrogen for antioxidant and antiaging (8 times more compared to alkaline waters).
  3. High hydration ability (4 to 10 times more than alkaline and other waters).
  4. No “wastage” of acidic water
  5. Much more stable dissolved hydrogen and oxygen levels for several days in the water

Since HiFloAM Water® is fully manufactured in Japan with Medical Standards ISO 13485 Certificate, you can be rest assured that the quality of this water filtration system will last. The system also uses high quality materials like platinum titanium plates that will not rust. 

Furthermore, HiFloAM Water® system has a 5 year or 48,000 litre usage guarantee, depending on which comes first. 

While the price is on the higher side, the water filtration system can last up to 48,000 litres which works out to be 13 years of usage for about only 10 cents per litre including the cost of the filters. 

Features of HiFloAM Water® system

Here are some more features of HiFloAM Water®:

  • 100% designed and engineered in Japan
  • Mild alkaline water
  • Suitable for young and old
  • Post-filter - activated carbon fibre, microbial silver ions, filters out chlorine/ions, filters residual chlorine
  • Pre-filter - activated carbon fibre, calcium sulfite, zeolite ball ion exchange filter
  • Specs: 5.5 kg
  • AC230V, 50Hz, 1.3A
  • Electrode, auto cleaning by microprocessor

Where to Buy HiFloAM Water® in Singapore

Recommended as one of the best alkaline water filtration systems in Singapore, HiFloAM Water® can be found online at the Nature’s Glory ecommerce store. As other alkaline water machines have high levels of alkalinity with pH levels of 8 to 9, it may cause long term negative effects on your body’s health. Instead HiFloAM Water® has similar pH levels to natural drinking water and even more dissolved oxygen and hydrogen for better health benefits.

You can find the HiFloAM Water® Energized Water System and HiFloAM Water® Energized Water System (Under The Sink Version) here. We also have a wide range of filters and other accessories in our collection of water filtration needs for home accessories

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