Water Filtration Systems Malaysia

Is your water safe to drink from the tap? While the National Water Service Commission (SPAN) has confirmed that Malaysia’s water supply is free from E.coli bacteria and safe for direct consumption, most people are still not convinced. 

Instead, they are looking for simple water filtration systems to ensure that their drinking water is safe and clean. 

There are several water filtration systems on the market, ranging from simple to complex and suitable for all types of budgets. Some of the brands available in Malaysia include 3M, Coway, Panasonic and Pensonic. 

How would you know which water filter to choose?

Get to Know the Different Types of Water Filtration Systems in Malaysia

Water filters are actually very simple concepts - most of them some sort of physical or chemical filtration methods to remove particles, impurities and contaminants from our water. Home filters especially are our last line of protection from viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals. While tap water meets minimal standards from the SPAN, sometimes these standards may not be enough.

Physical filtration uses a physical barrier to remove the large particles from your water. For chemical filtration, chemical reactions are applied to the water passing through activated materials to remove smaller impurities that physical filters miss out.

There are four main methods to filter water - reverse osmosis, ion exchange, steam distillation, and activated carbon filters.

Reverse osmosis removes contaminants by forcing tap water through a semipermeable membrane with pressure. This removes contaminants like lead, mercury and iron, but not pesticides, solvents, chlorine and radon. 

Ion exchange filters release ions in exchange for unwanted ions in your water. It is especially great for softening hard water and creating a more pleasant taste. However, it can increase the sodium content of your water, thus it is not suitable for those with low sodium diets. 

Steam distillation involves heating water and cooling down the steam to leave behind and remove the contaminants. As most contaminants have higher boiling points than water, they are isolated after water turns to steam. However, this process may also remove beneficial natural minerals from the water as well. 

The most popular type of water filters often used are activated carbon filters. Carbon has a large internal surface area and is very porous, which attracts chemical impurities through a process called adsorption. While it may be good for removing impurities like chlorine-based chemicals, pesticides and some solvents, it is effective against sodium, nitrates, fluorine or microbes. As the filters also clog up with impurities, they have to be replaced regularly, resulting in higher costs.

Water filters have different types of installation methods - some are pitchers or jugs, some can be mounted or tapped onto your faucet and others are installed under the sink. Depending on the type and model of the filter, you will also have to account for the storage space needed to install your water filter system. 

However, most people only purchase a very basic water filter that is cheap and affordable. These entry-level water filters only ensure that common contaminants are filtered. Other more high-end water filtration systems have many more features like control of water temperature and the ability to alkalise your drinking water.

HiFloAM Water® is the Best Choice in Water Filtration Systems

For us, the choice is clear in Malaysia. We want to have safe drinking water, but also the purest and cleanest water that is good for our health. Thus, we turn to HiFloAM Water® system.

HiFloAM Water® filtration system was created by water expert Dr Kokichi Hanaoka, a researcher of electrolyzed water for over 40 years. HiFloAM Water® is designed to use electrolysis technology, which replicates the properties of "miracle" spring water from France, Germany & Mexico -- a weak alkaline pH, high hydration ability, and the ability to remove free radicals. 

Compared to other alkaline water systems, our HiFloAM Water® filtration system aims to improve upon taste, higher in hydrogen and oxygen levels to help prevent free radical damage in cells and stronger antioxidant ability. 

HiFloAM Water® filtration system is much richer in dissolved Hydrogen and Oxygen, with higher hydration ability into the cells, which can help you attain a healthier body. It has a pH of 8 and is close to the blood pH level, making it easier to be absorbed by your body. Furthermore, the HiFloAM Water® also works to filter any contaminants that may be present in your water.

It is also made with high quality standards and materials. HiFloAM Water® is fully made in Japan, in a factory with Medical Standards ISO 13485 Certificate, which is considered much stricter and higher than ISO90001 quality standards. The HiFloAM Water® system is also guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years or 48,000L, whichever one comes first. 

After calculations to include filter changes and cost of the machine, it only costs around 10 cents per litre to use HiFloAM Water®, making every drop of this clean and safe water worth it. 

So start using HiFloAM Water® to save more money on cleaner, fresher drinking water for your whole family!

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