Organic Food in Singapore: The Way Forward To Healthy Living!

Organic food is on trend these days in Singapore, with a lot more people choosing healthy living. One of the best ways forward is to focus on making healthier food choices.

Organic food in Singapore is considered safe, healthy and doesn’t contain harmful GMOs, pesticides and chemicals.

In fact, it is one of the easiest ways that you can begin to start living healthy. By cultivating new habits and a better diet over the long run, you are taking small but consistent steps towards making your body and health your priority. 

By learning to develop a loving relationship with organic food, you can empower yourself to understand what foods you are really putting into your body and system. Organic food is the way to go when living a healthy life in Singapore – it’s not only agriculturally grown in the most environmentally sensitive manner, it also shields you from harmful toxins often associated with genetically modified organisms and conventionally grown foods. 

Organic Food Versus Genetically Modified Organisms

Although the term Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) has acquired a broad definition over the years, it has been used to refer to the plants and seeds of genetic modification. In hope of producing and growing offspring plant species with desirable traits, plant breeders and biotechnologists choose to ”cross” two plant species or introduce a gene from a different plant species into the host plant so that the latter expresses a trait not genetically normal for its species which then makes it immune to pests and other weaknesses.  

Genetic modification, besides being unnatural, also has adverse effects on the environment. First, the introduction of genes which are not native to particular plant species may yield wild and unnatural plant populations. Second, as GMO crops are particularly engineered to resist herbicides or produce pesticides, there is a high tendency for these to induce pesticide resistance in the pest and weed population, thereby resulting in increased pest populations which cause agricultural and environmental damage.

Since we do not have any standardised regulation about GMO foods in Singapore, consumers can turn to certified organic food suppliers or grocers to ensure that food is GMO-free. By definition, certified organic food cannot contain GMOs due to the process of farming and food production, ensuring that the foods you consume are safe to be eaten on a daily basis.

Organic Food Production Is Better

Organic farming is also deemed better than genetic modification. Organic food production shies away from chemicals, pesticides and other toxic materials even when controlling pests and enhancing soil fertility. 

Instead of relying on unnatural methods and GMOs, it depends on eco-friendly modes such as the use of natural compost and fertilizers and natural predators to increase biological soil activity and reduce irritating pest populations.

Organic food production is also highly audited, from farming and harvesting, picking, processing to packing -- each step is monitored and subject to stringent control by farmers and third-party organic certifying associations. With greater transparency, consumers are also more conscious and aware of how and in what situations their food is farmed, improving nutritional and food safety levels.

In Singapore, because most of the organic farming is done in other countries, it's important that you check with your organic grocer about the sources of their organic farms and suppliers. Your organic grocer should have more information about these certified organic suppliers where they import their food items from.

Organic Food is an Excellent Food Choice

As most of our fresh produce in Singapore is imported from other countries, why not make a conscious choice to purchase organic food products instead of non-organic? 

Organic food is fresh, highly nutritious and delicious. Furthermore, knowing that it is grown without chemicals and pesticides makes it safe to eat for the whole family. 

Organic foods are also recognised as an excellent source of nutrition. Organic foods retain beneficial nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins, especially when they are eaten in their raw form. 

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