Propolis Immunity Booster

Our immune system is a complex yet wonderful system that protects the body from harmful foreign invaders. Without it, our bodies would not have a way to fight harmful viruses and bacteria that enter our body.

This intricate system works non-stop, and we can help our body’s defence system by eating healthily and taking immune-boosting supplements.

When you go to the grocery shop, you will see plenty of supplements and products claiming to bolster your immune system. One product you may come across is propolis extract—a proven natural ingredient proven to support one’s immune system.

What is Propolis Extract?

Propolis is a blend of various amounts of resins and beeswax collected by bees from plants, particularly from flowers and leaf buds. Since it is challenging to track bees during their foraging activities, the exact sources of resins are usually unknown, but they possess natural germicidal properties. However, bees have been observed scraping the protective resins of leaf buds and flowers using their mandibles and then carrying them to their hive using their hind legs. Propolis is primarily used to seal and protect the cells of the beehive and to repair honeycomb. Without propolis, the hive would be highly susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

Studies have shown that propolis is a source of a multitude of highly nutritious vitamins and minerals. Here are the major compounds of propolis:

  • Resins (45 to 55%) of flavonoids, a group of natural substances that help regulate cellular activity and neutralise free radicals that cause oxidative stress
  • Waxes and fatty acids (25 to 35%)
  • Essential oils (10%)
  • Pollen (5%) with amino acids
  • Other natural substances such as ketones, lactones, quinones, steroids, benzoic acid esters, and vitamin B3, and minerals such as iron and zinc (5%)

What Are The Uses of Propolis Extract?

Propolis has a long history of medicinal use. Back in the day, people have used propolis to treat wounds and conditions such as acne, canker sores, bacterial infections, osteoporosis, itching, and even tuberculosis. It is also applied topically to treat wounds and to speed the healing of oral surgeries.

Nowadays, propolis extract is making waves because of the myriad of health benefits it offers.

In cosmetics – Cosmetic and dermatological applications are one of the most common uses for propolis extract. With the help of its bactericidal and fungicidal characteristics, it helps fight acne and control dead skin cells. Propolis extract can also help fight free radicals, which contribute to the skin ageing process.

In medicine – Propolis extract helps prevent heart and respiratory problems. It is famed for its ability to treat wounds, promote liver health, and boost the immune system—its widely-known health benefit.

How Does Propolis Extract Boost The Immune System?

Packed with potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, propolis extract can effectively ward off harmful bacteria and viruses that may render us ill. Due to its high flavonoid content, propolis extract can effectively keep free radicals at bay and support our cellular health.

On top of that, since propolis extract is derived from a tree’s immune system and beehive’s immune system, it is sure to benefit human immune systems as well.

Where to Buy Organic Propolis Extract?

Nature’s Glory offers certified organic propolis extract. Our liquid propolis extract is high potency, alcohol-free, and derived from propolis and manuka honey. It contains high antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties to help you with your health concerns such as cough, flu, tonsillitis, wounds, and skin problems.

Our immune system may be a complex network, but it's easy to give it a much-needed boost. Start boosting your immune system with Nature’s Glory Propolis Extract to achieve peak health.

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