Should You Be Taking a Vitamin C Supplement?

When it comes to taking vitamin supplements, one of the first supplements that pops into mind is vitamin C. Widely available and well-known, vitamin C supplements are one of the most popular health supplements that many people take on a daily basis. 

This is with good reason - vitamin C is a water soluble compound that isn’t produced by our bodies and easily destroyed by heat or storage. Thus, we often have to replenish it through external sources like fresh organic produce or through supplementation.

Vitamin C is often used to guard against colds and infections, but it is also an essential element needed to form blood vessels, muscle and collagen in the body. In addition, it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it helpful against illnesses and infections. Vitamin C is also a great partner when it comes to increasing the absorption of iron in the body, this is especially significant for those who are iron deficient. Vitamin C is said to help to improve your skin health, with many skincare products adding vitamin C to prevent dark spots and ageing effects.

While you can find vitamin C in fruits and vegetables like oranges and citrus fruits, sweet potatoes and green peppers, some individuals may be prone to vitamin C deficiency. The deficiency causes bleeding gums, bruising and even anaemia. So it’s important to ensure that you are consuming sufficient vitamin C through your diet or supplementation.

Things to look out for When Buying Vitamin C Supplements

If you’re buying vitamin C supplements for added nutritional value, there are a number of things to consider before buying them:

What’s included in the list of ingredients

Check what goes into your vitamin C supplements before purchasing them. What do your supplements contain? Are there additional ingredients that are added into them?

Look for chemical/binders in your supplements

You may also want to take note of any chemicals or binders present in your supplements. These are often added in the manufacturing process and are not made of natural ingredients. If you are particular about this, you may want to look for brands that do not include these binders. 

Reputation of the brand

What is the reputation of the brand of vitamins that you are purchasing? Are they well-known and have been on the market for a while? Can you trust this brand?

You may want to do more research and try out the product for its benefits before committing to them long-term.

What nutritional deficiency do you have or need?

Are you deficient in vitamin C? You may want to consult with a medical professional to determine if you are deficient in certain vitamins before consuming them. You may also want to check if the vitamins may have any adverse effects with other medication that you may be taking.

Daily intake as vitamin C can’t be stored in the body

For vitamin C supplements, you will likely need to take the supplement daily as vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and needs to be replenished daily. You may also want to make sure that you are consuming the right dosage as you cannot store excess amounts of it either.

Use powdered form for quicker absorption

If you are looking to find a good vitamin C supplement, you can consider getting a powdered form of vitamin C, as it gets absorbed faster into your system.

Vitamin C Supplements From Nature’s Glory

At Nature’s Glory, we have a few different types of vitamin C supplements that are suitable for your different needs:

American Nutriceuticals Vitality C is a high potency vitamin C powder that does not cause stomach upset. This Vitamin C product has a neutral pH level, that allows it to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream without causing any stomach or diarrhea problems. Consumers can take high doses of the product, up to 4000mg. 

Nature’s Glory Vitamin C powder is known for its antioxidants properties to support the immune system and aid with the maintenance of connective tissue like skin and blood vessels. Moreover, the product is made from pure ascorbic acid, without any binders, artificial colours or preservatives. 

Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C is a non-GMO, gluten free, kosher vitamin C supplement that provides 500mg from an extract of 23 organically grown fruits and vegetables. No high heat, synthetic binders, fillers, artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or additives are used in the supplement.

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