What You Can Do to Prevent Dengue Fever in Singapore

With dengue cases on the rise in 2020, over 22,403 people have been infected by dengue fever in Singapore, making it the worst outbreak in history. We have close to 400 dengue clusters around our island and there is just no cure for dengue fever that any of us can rely on.

Moreover, dengue fever can progress to even more severe symptoms and even lead to death. Being cautious and working on prevention of the dengue fever is your best bet on beating this illness.

Singapore Government Initiatives to Prevent Dengue Fever

Of course, the government has taken the initiative to stop more dengue fever cases from increasing. The National Environment Agency (NEA) has requested that residents in the hot spots cooperate with three protective actions - spray insecticide in dark corners of the house, apply insect repellent regularly and wear long sleeves and pants.

The NEA officers also do regular inspections to check for and get rid of stagnant water in homes. In fact, they have increased penalties for households, construction sites and Town Councils who are found to be breeding mosquitoes. Households with repeated offences and multiple mosquito breeding habitats detected will be imposed with even heavier penalties. 

Furthermore, there is the Mozzie Wipeout campaign to prevent the Aedes mosquito from breeding in your homes and nearby areas. It goes accordingly:

  1. Loosen hardened soil
  2. Turn over pails
  3. Tip vases
  4. Flip flowerpot plates
  5. Clear the roof gutter and place BTI insecticide

What You Can Do To Prevent Dengue Fever

Meanwhile, as a resident, what can you do on your own to prevent dengue fever? Beyond all the government initiatives, as Singaporeans, we are also responsible to take care of our own health and prevent ourselves from falling ill with dengue fever. 

As we all know, dengue fever is spread by the dengue virus that is carried by infected Aedes mosquitoes. The symptoms of dengue fever look like this:

  • Sudden fever for 2 to 7 days
  • Severe headache with pain behind the eyes
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Nose and gum bleeding, and easy bruising of skin

These symptoms can worsen into Dengue Haemorrhagic fever, with more bleeding, low blood pressure and death. Thus, dengue fever can be a very serious illness to look out for. 

Monitor Your Health 

One thing you can take charge of is to monitor your own health when it comes to dengue fever. If you do notice any of the above symptoms, you should closely watch to see if they subside or become worse. The dengue virus has an incubation period of 3 to 14 days before individuals may develop symptoms, which may be mild or more serious.

Seek the Doctor if You Need Help

If you do notice that your symptoms worsen, it is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately. Although there is no cure for dengue, you will likely be hospitalised and treated with fluid and electrolyte replacement and blood transfusions.

Boost Your Own Immunity

The other thing that you can do is to maintain your own immunity for your body. Supplementing your health with essential vitamins and minerals can help to build defenses against viruses, bacteria and infections. 

We recommend our Nature’s Glory Immunity Booster pack with Garlic, Propolis and Plum balls that are great for antibiotic, antibacterial and antioxidant effects for overall good health.

It's Time for the Dengue Care Pack Singapore

For dengue symptoms themselves, we have put together a Dengue Care pack containing our mFree insect repellent, miracle grass oil, claymin powder and aloe vera juice concentrate drink. Each component has specific properties to help alleviate dengue fever symptoms naturally. 

The Mfree insect repellent is made from organic lemongrass oil, coconut oil and filtered water to protect you for up to 10 hours against mosquito bites. Miracle Grass oil is a natural green grass oil to help soothe itches and swelling from insect bites. Adam’s Clayin powder is a natural mineral supplement designed to clear the body of internal toxins and build up immunity. The Premium Whole Leaf Aloe Vera concentrate drink also helps to reduce skin inflammation from mosquito bites.

Even though there is no cure for dengue fever, our Dengue Care pack helps to soothe and alleviate bites and inflammation using organic ingredients from Nature. Instead of ingesting more chemicals in the form of medicine, it helps you to heal your body naturally and recover faster. 

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