What You Should Know About Alkaline Water Filtration Systems

Alkaline water is all the hype nowadays. Truth be told, different brands of ionized water and alkaline water filtration systems are readily available in the market.

But before jumping on the alkaline water bandwagon, it is necessary that you apprise yourself of the most popular alkaline water systems, how they work, and how they can affect your health.

Alkaline Water Filtration System: Electrical Home Units

Free standing kitchen units are the most popular types of alkaline water filtration systems. While there are different models available in the market like Kangen water, the process is fairly simple and consistent across different brands.

The process starts with tap water which is passed through a carbon filter in order to improve the taste and remove toxins.

To alkalize the water, the water is passed over titanium electrified titanium plates covered with platinum. Depending on the electrical flow, the amount of platinum added to the water may be increased or decreased.

In some alkaline water filtration systems, calcium solution is added to the water after the initial filtration and alkalinization to make the water more alkaline.

Despite being easy to operate, alkaline water filtration systems pose serious problems such as the following:

  1. Cleanliness and water quality. To start with, alkaline water systems are only meant for alkalizing water. It is not intended to be a means of treating non-water. As such, chlorine compounds, residues, fluorides, and other toxic compounds cannot really be removed by water ionizers from tap water despite the usage of carbon filters. Also, it must be noted that carbon filters tend to get dirty over time and, as such, must be periodically replaced in order to prevent water contamination.

  2. Toxicity of materials. Platinum, which is commonly found in alkaline water filtration systems, is a very toxic chemical. While only present in small amounts, prolonged exposure to such may cause kidney and liver problems.

  3. Alkaline mineral depletion. Due to the sudden increase in alkaline reserve minerals, the body tends to excrete, rather than retain a substantial amount of these minerals. As such, prolonged alkaline water intake may actually cause mineral depletion.

Store-bought Alkaline Water

Due to its popularity, ionized water can now be easily purchased in both health and water stores.

However, one must be wary that the alkaline water sold in stores is usually created through reverse osmosis. The water is then infused with calcium solution to make it alkaline. As with the aforementioned methodology, it poses certain hazards such as:

  1.  Toxicity. Calcium solution, particularly coral calcium, may contain toxic chemicals which are harmful to the body. Instead of improving health, calcium solution may actually cause a number of health problems.

  2. Reverse osmosis. Contrary to what most alkaline water advertisers claim, reverse osmosis will not make the water more health-friendly. Studies show that this process does not actually improve hydration or, worse, may even cause plastic poisoning and mineral depletion.

Many people actually experience positive effects upon consumption of alkaline water, which is part of the reason why ionized water is so popular nowadays.

However, as with other health trends, one must look into the effects of ionized water on the body before following the trend.

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