Healthy Sesame Chicken Recipe

    Chicken is always a favourite for a hearty meal for lunch or dinner with the family. We only use organic lacto chicken which is void of growth hormones or antibiotics to ensure a happy and healthy recipe.



    Place chicken in boiling water, cover with lid, let it cook for 10-15mins (depends on size of chicken) on one side.

    Open lid, and turn chicken (breast down) on other side, for another 10-15mins.

    Turn off fire, do not open lid, and let it soak for another 15mins.

    Take out chicken and immediately rub chicken with @naturesglorysg French Sea Salt and Toasted Sesame Oil.

    Let it cool, then debone chicken.

    Enjoy with a plate of Organic Wild Rice Blend (Brown Rice, Black Rice & Red Rice).

    Serve with your favourite condiments like chilli sauce and dark soya sauce.

    Sesame chickenSesame chicken recipe