Glory Air Purifier, Sanitizer & Ioniser (3 in 1 Purifier)

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Nature's GlorySKU: 1-APS-1

Model GA2020: Cool Silver




Purify . Sanitize . Ionise 

Glory Air has 6 stage filtration system to remove

Air contaminants (including pathogens)

  1. Pre filter - removes large particles like hair, fur, dust. 
  2. HEPA filter - effectively removes fine dust, mites, PM2.5, pollen, smoke, mould spores, fabric fibres and other fine particles.
  3. Anti-chemical/ carbon filter - effectively absorbs and neutralizes toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, organic compounds and other chemicals released from furniture, paint and other renovation materials.  
  4. Honeycomb Photocatalytic filter - powerful sterilisation, deodorization, and anti mould function; works together with anti-chemical filter to remove chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, toxic volatile compounds faster.
  5. Negative ion generator - releases millions of negative ions to freshen the air, attracts and bind to positively charged contaminants including dust, pathogens, mould so as to filter them more effectively. Negative ions have been researched to help strengthen the immune system.
  6. UV light effectively kills bacteria like E.coli, S aureus, C. albicans, K. pneumonia, and other viruses up to 99.99%. (Independent lab tested).

Safety Features:

  1. Child Lock - prevents child from tampering with machine.
  2. Auto-off function after 24 hours in operation.
  3. Safety auto cut off function when front cover is removed (during filter change or clean up).

Additional Features:

  1. Intelligent PM2.5 sensor detects and reports real time level of PM2.5 on screen display.
  2. LCD display of air quality by colours - Blue (Excellent); Green (Good) etc.
  3. Built in Odour sensor detects odour and automatically powers up fan to suck in more air to remove odour.
  4. Auto fan powers up when air is more dirty and quietens down when air is less dirty. 
  5. Extra quiet Night time Mode
  6. Humidity and Temperature sensors
  7. Timer function 
  8. Sleep function - turns off the display light while you sleep while machine continues to purify the air. 

Application Environments:

Indoors including Home, personal work place, offices, child care centres, clinics, hospitals, function halls, etc.

Area of Coverage: 

40m2 or about 2 standard sized HDB Bedrooms.

Factory Standards:

Meets International Standards ISO9001:2015


1. Once a week, use vacuum cleaner to suck clean the pre filter.

2. Change HEPA and anti-chemical/ carbon filter every 12 months (or earlier depending on usage and air quality).


2 years local warranty from date of purchase for normal use (excludes consumables like HEPA filters etc). 

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