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Reltec Air Ioniser & Cleaner (IG-E1J)

Product of Japan

New Improve version of Serumi, with strong ion generation, and anti-static coating, with easy to remove and clean parts and extended 2-year warranty. Research has shown that electrostatic and electromagnetic radiation from computers, television sets, mobile phones, electrical appliances, ultraviolet rays and air pollution, can produce positively-charged ions to create health problems. The positively-charged ions may cause body acidity, blood oxidation and free radicals that gradually compromise our innate immune systems and create ion imbalance. As such, many may experience headaches, lethargy, tension, depression, restless sleep, colds, coughs, stiff body and shoulders, poor circulation, and other ailments, possibly leading to failure in organ functions and even cancer.

Reltec Mi – Air Clean invented by the award-winning Dr Noboru Horiguchi of Japan, produces negative cluster ions (NCl), similar to those found naturally in the air at the mountains, beaches and waterfalls, can attract and bind to positively-charged ion particles and make them too heavy to remain airborne.

The World Science Council, a non-profit International Academy of Education, U.S.A., awarded Dr Noboru Horiguchi the highest honourable merit for his invention of Serumi Mi – Air Clean, using the patented Reltec technology, patented in U.S.A., Europe and Japan.

Born in 1936, at Hokkaido, Japan, Dr Noboru Horiguchi has been researching "medical science of minus-ion (negative-ion)" for 35 years. And he has been making clinical data known to the public.

Dr Noboru Horiguchi is a leading authority of "medical science of negative-ion (Reduction-Ion)" which is frontier of the advanced medical practice of the 21st century.

He has invented and developed "ion exchange unit" that generates "Reduction-Ion" for the first time in the world. The "Reduction-Ion" is negatively-charged cluster ions that are similar to that of nature. Moreover, he has developed "Medical Instruments of Reduction-Ion" and "Mi – Air Clinic (Air cleaning device that generates negative cluster ions)" that incorporates the "ion exchange unit". Dr Noboru Horiguchi is well-known as a researcher of neutralizing static electricity.

Serumi Mi – Air Clean is manufactured by Reltec medical Devices Corporation, it is laboratory tested, proven in Japan and endorsed in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

Health benefits

A recent study by the US Department of Agriculture found that ionizing a room leads to 52 per cent less dust and 95 per cent less bacteria in the air. The presence of negatively-charged ions can reduce airborne viruses by about 40 per cent.

Reltec – Air Clean uses the first-ever patented principle of the ion-exchange converter to produce negative cluster ions (NCl), with more molecules than the common single, heavy negatively-charged ion. The negative cluster ions are able to bind to the positively-charged ions more effectively. Reltec – Air Clean can produce up to 2 million NCl per cubic centimetre. Reltec – Air Clean is also effective in a living space that is 5 meters in height and length, with at least 15,000 to 20,000 NCl, while other models may only achieve up to 2 meters with much lesser ions, only 3,000 negative cluster ions.

Reltec – Air Clean supplies alkaline air that helps to neutralize and eradicate harmful positively-charged ions and air-borne allergens, and inhibit the growth of bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi. It reduces and eliminates radiation generated by computers, televisions, mobile phones, electronic and electrical appliances. It purifies and deodorizes the air due to the activated carbon and Binchotan charcoals in the unit, helps clear dust, pollen and smoke. Reltec – Air Clean also neutralizes and eradicates toxic chemicals and positively-charged ions in the environment that are produced by air pollution, UV rays and electrostatic charges.

NCl energises cells, balances ions, promotes weak alkalinity, deoxidizes, reduces lactic acids in the body, improves the immune system and promotes self-healing, keeping you and your family members strong and healthy.

The use of Reltec – Air Clean may help to improve alertness, concentration, blood and lymphatic circulation, sleep, breathing, energy, boost immunity, relieve skin conditions like eczema and eliminate allergies, relieve stress and sinus problems, alleviate body fatigue and the clean air has a calming and relaxing effect as it is likened to the natural, invigorating mountain-fresh healthy air.

Reltec – Air Clean is equipped with activated carbon and Binchotan charcoal and a high-performance dust filter, together with the ion-exchange converter in the unit, to create a clean, healthy and fresh environment in the living space for your loved ones, both the young and old.

Each Reltec – Air Clean is ideal for use up to 50 square metres, or 600 square feet in closed rooms, and 25 square metres, or 300 square feet in opened rooms.

Insist on our revolutionary Reltec – Air Clean that converts city-air into mountain-fresh air!!

Nature’s Glory, the name you trust for health!

How To Use

Wash and change the high-performance dust filter at least once every week. The dust filter can be used after it is dried. Change the charcoal bag once every four months.


Effective area: 25 square meters / 300 square feet

External Dimensions (H x W x D): 265 x 196 x 180 (mm)

Decibel Level: 42 dB (Measured 1 m from the outlet vent medium; background noise 30 dB)

Power supply: 50/60Hz

Power use: 3.3W

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