Alter Eco Dark Chocolate SUPER Blackout Bar 80g(BB: Sept 2022)

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Deepest Dark Super Blackout Organic Chocolate 90% Cocoa, Alter Eco

Intense Smooth Fruity
Made in Switzerland

If you love our award-winning Blackout bar, it's time to step into the heart of dark. At 90% cacao, this deepest of blends unites the malty intensity of Ecuadorian cacao with the robust fruitiness of its Dominican cousin. Expert Swiss conching and a touch of Madagascar vanilla make sure you don't miss the sugar, guarantee a smooth, creamy bite, while all that cacao offers the health-conscious some melt-in-your-mouth benefits.

ACO Certified Organic. Vegan, Paleo, No Artificial Flavours, Emulsifier Free, GMO-Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Fair Trade

Ingredient: *Organic cacao beans, *organic cocoa butter, *organic raw cane sugar, *organic vanilla beans.
Cocoa 90% minimum

Available: 80g

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