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Lettuce is regarded as the king of salad plants. It is most popular of all the salad vegetables. Lettuce was served to the Persian kings as far back as the sixth century B.C. It was a popular Roman food at about the beginning of the Christian era, and in the first century, A.D.

Intake of lettuce servings for four to five times in a week prevents deficiency of iron in the body, regular consumption of lettuce endows with sufficient supply of vitamin A, C, K, calcium, phosphorus, protein and riboflavin, good for cardiac health, cholesterol, diabetes, anaemia, phosphorus in the lettuce assist in better absorption of calcium.

Calcium is one of the most essential components for strong bones as well as dental health. As lettuce is rich in cellulose, it increases the bulk of the intestinal contents and encourages peristalsis. It is therefore highly beneficial in chronic constipation. It is beneficial for insomnia as it contains a sleep-inducing substance called "lactucarium".

Since lettuce is pretty low in calories, it makes the perfect snack for those trying to lose weight. Lettuce is good for the liver. Moreover, its alkaline nature helps in blood purification. The fibre in lettuce boosts digestion and prevents constipation, It has anti-cancer properties. The magnesium also helps to soothe the nerves and is good for the brain and muscular tissues. The presence of folic acid makes it a valuable food during pregnancy and lactation.

Use of Lettuce: Lettuce is consumed raw and cold, so it is commonly used in salads, burgers and tacos. Lettuce juice is very nutritious, especially when combined with carrot and spinach juices. The lighter green variety is better for juicing, as the juice of the dark green one has a bitter taste. It is also easier to juice the crisp leaves rather than the soft ones.

Tip: Lettuce leaves should be washed thoroughly, dried before use and consumed quickly. Cut surfaces exposed to air lose their crispness and nutrition.

Local Vegetables are not certified organic but are subject to local random tests for pesticides only. We depend on the integrity of the farmers.

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