American Nutriceuticals Vitality C 200g (Best before: July 2021)

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American Nutriceuticals Vitality C 200g

Product of USA

Dietary Supplement. Supports a Healthy Immune System.

Increase Antioxidant Activity: High doses of vitamin C increases antioxidant activity at the cellular level. You want to reduce oxidation before it damages the RNA/DNA. Vitality C is a Vitamin C product that has a neutral pH and can be taken in high doses without stomach upset. It has a sodium molecule and glucose factor attached to the vitamin C. This "tricks" the body into thinking it is a sodium molecule and gets readily absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore, bypassing the stomach and not causing any upset. With 4 grams of vitamin C in each teaspoon, people can take therapeutic levels orally since it has the glucose factor attached to it.

Why Choose Us :
* Allows higher intake of vitamin C (up to 4000mg)
* Neutral pH
* No stomach upset
* No diarrhoea

Fully reacted, non-acidic, neutral pH Buffered), high potency Vitamin C powder with no stomach upset! Vitality C has 4 GRAMS of Vitamin C per teaspoon. Contains 50% metabolites. Most Ester C type products only contain 1%. Completely water-soluble, neutral taste & safe for ALL AGES. Can be mixed with almost any liquid, smoothie or even sprinkled on food! Uses 4 unique uptake pathways, including a Ribose Complex.

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