Organic Dew Honey Nature's Glory 450g (Best before: Approx. 2 years)

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Organic Dew Honey

Product of New Zealand

Dew honey is considered a delicacy in Europe. Its rich, slightly sweet taste and characteristic dark colour comes from aphids which suck on the sap of plants, forming a layer of misty sweet dew on the plants - hence the name “dew honey”. It is an excellent prebiotic-rich honey that promotes friendly bacteria in your gut.

This honey is superior to the common clover honey due to its herbal blending and minerals, with the forest trees located high up in the alpine regions, with rich soil and fresh air. In contrast, most clover plants are found in the lower and less ideal regions.

Why Choose Us

NASAA Certified Organic, All Natural, No Added Sugar, No heat pasteurisation or irradiation used, so you can get the whole nutrients, No Chemicals, No Pesticides.

Available: 450g

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