100% Wholegrain Kamut Spaghetti 396g Organic

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Kamut Spaghetti Eden Organic

100% Whole Grain, No Salt Added.

Product of USA

Kamut® Spaghetti is certified organic by OCIA. The pasta is made from 100 per cent organically grown, whole grain Kamut. Khorasan (kamut®) wheat is an ancient grain recently revived. Its high protein, golden kernels produce pleasurable pasta that deeply satisfies. Many folks sensitive to modern wheat enjoy Kamut. 

This versatile pasta is ideal for soups, salads, and baked casseroles. Low fat, sodium-free, and rich in dietary fibre and protein. Heart Healthy whole grain pasta. Kamut's water-soluble gluten is often tolerated by those with allergies to modern wheat.

Preparation: Add to boiling water and cook for 12 to 14 minutes.

Ingredients: Organic Whole Grain Kamut Wheat.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.

Available: 396g

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