Nature's Glory Gold Stake Mineral Salve (External Use) (Indefinite shelf life)

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Gold Stake Mineral Salve, Nature's Glory

Relieves Hemorrhoids or Piles

Product of USA

Mineral deficiency can result in diseases. The body must maintain an adequate mineral supply to maintain in each cell what is known as osmotic equilibrium. Health experts say 5% of each cell should consist of minerals. This percentage must be maintained for normal cell function and good health.

All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, oils, etc., require minerals for proper cellular function. All bodily processes depend upon the action and presence of minerals. Vitamins are required for every biochemical process in the body. However, vitamins cannot function unless minerals are first present.

Minerals are the catalysts that make enzyme functions possible. Minerals combine with enzymes into an alkaline detoxifying agent which neutralizes the acid metabolic byproducts of the cells and other toxic conditions within the body and prepares them for elimination.

Due to the rapid use and depletion of minerals during tissue rebuilding and detoxification, a saturation of minerals is required for continuation of healing during a health crisis to restore the electrolytic balance needed for effective body electronic functions. Our electrical system cannot work without minerals. A lack of minerals slows down the electronic process and retards healing. Hormonal secretion of glands is dependent upon mineral stimulation. The acid-alkaline balance (pH) of the tissue fluid is controlled by minerals.

The minerals in Nature's Glory GOLD STAKE are mostly in the oxide or hydroxide (oxygen) form and work together to bring oxygen to every cell in the body. Without oxygen, cells die or can turn malignant. The unique combination of water-soluble and quickly digestible minerals in GOLD STAKE is assimilated and used in the body very quickly so the benefits received by tarring GOLD STAKE are much greater than those of other mineral supplement products.

It is important to have the right combination of vitamins and minerals in your everyday diet. Most people do not get enough just through the consumption of food, so it is important to supplement your daily intake with a product such as Gold Stake through topical application.


Ammonium Sulfate, Aluminum Oxide Hydrate, Iron, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Silicon Dioxide, Zinc, Copper, Calcium & Petroleum jelly.

Suggested Use: Apply liberally several times daily to the affected area. 

Available: 1 bottle

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