Eden Sencha Ginger Tea 16 bags Organic (Best before: Sept 21,2023)

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Size: 16 bags


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Sencha Ginger, Eden Organic

Green Tea with Ginger
Soothes and warm tea with healthy antioxidants

A unique blend of premium organic sencha green tea from historic Uji, Japan and organic Tanzanian ginger root. Highly valued as a digestive aid and an array of antioxidants.

An ancient Indian proverb holds that everything good is found in ginger, and it's essential for good health and longevity. The delightful piquant flavour and aromatic qualities. Deeply warming with 41 per cent less caffeine than brewed coffee.

Delicious served hot or chilled. Do not boil green tea. (Refer to the back of the box)

Ingredients: Organic Sencha Green Tea Leaves (Camellia sinensis), Organic Ginger Root

Available: 16 Tea Bags/Box

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