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100% Natural Tuna Fillets Natural Catch 

High quality Yellowfin Tuna Sliced in Filet style like a Grade A Steak. Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. High in Protein. Keto & Paleo Friendly. A healthy source of Omega-3s which has various health benefits including benefits for the Heart.

Sustainably sourced using pole and line methods respecting the oceans and wildlife. Natural Catch Tuna is Dolphin Free and Safe.

Where is it caught?
Natural Catch Tuna is Globally Sourced, Wild Caught, primarily in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean.

* Yellowfin Tuna - Slices in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* Wild - Caught & Sustainably Caught
* Ingredients: Tuna, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Vegetable Broth, Sea Salt

Nutrition Facts (per 85g)
*Calories - 130
* Protein - 20 g
* Total Fat -6g
* Total Carbohydrates - 0g
* Sodium - 250mg

Available: 125g

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