Aromatherapy Headache Soother Badger 17g (BB: Feb 28,2024)

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Aromatherapy Headache Soother Badger

Product of USA

  • SAFE + ORGANIC: 12 simple ingredients + 100% USDA Certified Organic + GMO-free
  • EFFECTIVE: Our special essential oil profile cools and clears the sinuses to refresh the mind and gently ease headache pain and pressure
  • MOISTURIZING: A nourishing base of organic oils and butters delivers nutrients and softens the skin while providing aromatherapeutic benefits
  • SUSTAINABLE: Cruelty free + Made with solar power

Badger Headache Soother Ingredients:

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Menthol, Organic Peppermint Oil, Sunflower Vitamin E, Organic Eucalyptus Oil, Organic Mandarin Orange Oil, Organic Sandalwood Oil, Organic Calendula Extract & Organic Rosehip Extract.

Directions: Massage onto temples, forehead, back of neck, or anywhere that needs a little soothing & breathe it in.

Available: 17g

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