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Cai Xin Hua is typically a basic Guangdong vegetable, which looks handsome and modest, and possesses a "mild" nature.t has little yellow flowers, which are normally not to eat, however. Caixin tastes refreshing and somewhat sweet, especially the Gaojiao type originating from Zengcheng in Guangzhou, which cost about 50% more than its peers.

It also enhances the detoxification effect of the liver and is supposed to be quite good for boils and skin blemishes. Like most Chinese vegetables, this Asian vegetable has a large amount of vegetable fibre which aids bowel movements and prevent constipation. The fibre also binds with bad cholesterol in other foods and eliminate it through the bowels. This reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the body. It boosts immunity with its high beta-carotene and vitamin C levels. Caixin has the highest level of calcium amongst vegetables. Local Vegetables are not certified organic but are subject to local random tests for pesticides only. We depend on the integrity of the farmers.

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