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Description Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella is cultivated in world-renowned second largest coral reef island in Ishigaki, off Okinawa, Japan, which is known for its clean and unpolluted, coral reef waters, excellent weather of sub-tropics and unspoiled nature, under strict quality inspection and based on ISO9001-HACCP standards. Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella is harvested outdoor which is distinguished for its highest nutrient levels in Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.), up to 24%, and chlorophyll, 1.4 times higher than those indoor-cultivated ones. It has the highest digestibility, 100 per cent purity (contain no impurities mixed with other algae and no binders) and an exceptionally fragrant taste. Yaeyama is one of the early pioneers with over 50 years of technology and research. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our chlorella products are batch tested for radiation & must pass our local requirements before export. Click onto our Product Information 1 for the radiation test report.

Health benefits Chlorella is distinguished for its high chlorophyll level; Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella achieves the highest up to 4.2%, which is many times more than those in vegetables and other green foods. Chlorophyll is known as the most powerful cleansing agent to detoxify the bowels, liver, kidney and blood systems. Chlorophyll helps to promote healthy lymphatic and circulatory systems. It also helps to stimulate tissue regeneration, quicken wound healing, assist in digestion and absorption of calcium and iron, alkalify the body and discharge body odour.

Chlorella is said to help in alleviating constipation – the root of toxin accumulation and sickness, cleansing organs, cells, bones and blood, thus may help to prevent sickness, tumour formation and also retard ageing. It is also ideal for growing children, and children who are lactose intolerance to cow’s milk. Many have reported that even their children are hardly sick after taking chlorella for three to six months. Their skin and complexion is much better with fewer allergies, and reduce obesity. Chlorella’s unique cell wall can bind harmful toxins including pesticides and dioxins, thus helps to detoxify the body. The cell wall is an excellent source of fibre to promote peristaltic movements in the bowel and thus to regulate the bowel movements, which is an important key to a clean and healthy colon. Chlorella’s cell wall stimulates the immune system to produce interferon, which protects our body from infections of influenza and viruses and reduce tumour activities. Generally, the cell wall of chlorella is tough, making the digestibility of chlorella to be 50% only. The process of grinding can improve digestibility but it leads to a loss of some nutrients. Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella uses a unique spray dry technology to break the cells in 6 seconds and achieves the highest attainable of 85% digestibility and yet retains all of the nutrients.

Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella achieves the lowest at 11mg% of Pheophorbides (PPB). PPB is a pigment found in chlorophyll that can cause skin irritations and allergies. While Japan has an approved limit of 50mg%, many other brands of chlorella has exceeded the limit and come in as animal grade. Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella is uniquely distinguished for its Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.). C.G.F. contains nucleotides, peptides, glycoproteins, nucleic acid-polysaccharides and sulphur. C.G.F. helps provide genetic material (DNA and RNA) repair, support cellular stability and functions, improve nutrient intake, regulate enzyme production, and protect cells against toxin thus boost the body’s immunity, and improve bowel functions and one’s memory. C.G.F. is said to prevent the replication of viruses, thus increases the body’s resistance against infection of diseases and also control the proliferation of cancer cells.

C.G.F. is reported to stimulate T cells against viruses and cancer, B cells against bacteria, and macrophages against cancer, foreign proteins and chemicals. C.G.F. also stimulates interferon production, secretion of tumour necrosis factor (TNF) and fibroblast activity. It enhances the activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells, slows down the ageing process, and extends the life of mice by over 30%. It is reported that C.G.F. helps lower blood pressure, improve liver function, increase blood and platelet counts (good for those who suffer from Dengue fever, blood-related cancers or those who are anaemic), regulate blood sugar, renew cells, quicken healing of stomach ulcer and skin disorders, alleviate headaches, resist cold, and restore appetite. C.G.F. is good for growing children, adults and senior citizens, healthy or sick, and for mothers, before and after delivery.

Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract is a hot water extract from chlorella. Many scientists and researchers have discovered that C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract helps to promote growth of animals and micro-organisms. Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract contains nucleotide-peptide, glycoprotein, nucleic acids (polysaccharides and sulphur), together they aid in body’s growth and increase immunity. It is especially good for quick recovery from illness, increasing blood count and faster wound healing after surgery. Nucleotide-peptide is said to have anti-tumour properties by enhancing immunity. The potency of the C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract is outstanding due to the exceptional chlorella quality. C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract is easily assimilated, passing through the stomach and into the intestines to be absorbed into the body and cell system for quick recovery. A bottle of 720 ml C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract contains very high level of 25 percent C.G.F., and balanced quantities of glucose, fructose, honey, oligosaccharides, Vitamin C, and malic acid. C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract contains no other preservatives and additives.

Insist on Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract, a distinguished name you can trust for good health and value. Nutrition Facts

An all-vegetable source, Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella is rich in antioxidants, Beta-Carotene, vitamins C, E, K and B1, B2, B6, especially B12. Its minerals include calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and trace amounts of manganese, iodine and zinc. Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella also contains 65 per cent protein with all essential amino acids – more than soybeans and vegetables, and carbohydrates. As chlorella is rich in vegetable proteins, it could be a potential and healthier substitute to animal proteins that come with high levels of hormones and antibiotics. Nature’s Glory – Yaeyama Chlorella’s storehouse of nutrients work together to remove, repair, regulate, heal and normalize for the benefits of your body’s optimal health. It meets the two major challenges of declining health and diseases, which are toxicity and nutritional deficiency.


1 bottle C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract. (Nett Price) How To Use

C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract – Take C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract half an hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal for maximum and speedy absorption. For normal maintenance, take one cup of 20 cc in the morning. For serious needs, take between 3 to 6 cups a day; divide into 2 or 3 times a day. For children below 12 years, take half a cup or at most one cup subject to the body’s condition daily.


C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey and Oligosaccharides. Storage

Keep in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening C.G.F. Chlorella Liquid Extract and store at or below 4 degree Celsius.

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