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Organic Italian Roma and Napoli heirloom tomatoes cooked without salt. These plum tomatoes are Italian preferred, sweeter, fewer seeds, deep color, and firmer flesh make them better for sauces and canning. Heirloom tomatoes have more food value. Chef preferred for sauces, soup, stew, casseroles, salsa, gazpacho, etc. EDEN are the only tomatoes in the U.S.A. in protective amber glass to prevent light damage of flavor components and nutrients. Bisphenols (BPA & BPS) free. Gluten Free.


EDEN Crushed Roma and Napoli heirloom Tomatoes. Sweeter, fewer seeds, deep color, firmer flesh, organically grown on a fifth generation farm, and hand harvested is why they are preferred. Fresh tomatoes provide the best flavor and most nutrients when they are cooked and packed within hours of harvest. EDEN Crushed Tomatoes are the only tomatoes in the U.S.A. in protective amber glass to prevent light damage of flavor components and nutrients. No salt added.

EDEN Crushed Tomatoes for better spaghetti sauce, soup, stew, and casseroles. Blend them with raw vegetables, herbs, and spices for excellent blender beverages.

Nutrients and Antioxidants

EDEN Crushed Tomatoes contain lycopene, perhaps the most effective antioxidant. Cooked tomatoes have more lycopene available. Over 600 carotenoid plant pigments are known to be antioxidants. Red lycopene out paces them all in antioxidant ability. Cooked heirloom and cherry tomatoes are highest in lycopene, and organic are even higher. Cooking them like these with a bit of EDEN Extra Virgin Olive Oil increases lycopene absorption. Although lycopene is beneficial, it's not just lycopene that makes tomatoes healthy. In whole cooked tomatoes lycopene works with other phytonutrients and vitamins making it much more effective than isolated lycopene supplements. John Erdman, professor of food science and human nutrition and of internal medicine at the University of Illinois said, "It has been unclear whether lycopene itself is protective. We believe people should consume whole tomato products in pastas, salads, in tomato juice, and even on pizza."

Commercial tomatoes are chemically force ripened. Lye or other caustic solutions loosen skins for peeling. They are dosed with refined salt, refined sugar, GMO derived citric acid, and preservatives. Even most organic brands use citric acid, calcium chloride, and other processing aids. EDEN Crushed Tomatoes are made without processing aids or untoward additives - all ingredients are declared. EDEN is the best value.


Organic Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Puree (Water, Organic Tomato Paste)

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