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Dying To Have Known 

Directed & Produced by Steve Kroschel

DVD - A documentary about Gerson cure for cancer and chronic disease.
Running time: 80 minutes

Jutting out from the cloud of contemporary human misery rises a breathtaking mountain peak and one filmmaker’s extraordinary desire to climb it. For hidden in the snowy crevasses near the top, lies the prize that many have died searching for. The path to this golden treasure is tragically overshadowed by the dead and maimed that could not find their way when the winds of disease and confusion blew in.

This is the true story of that journey to recover this treasure, for the cure of cancer and chronic disease, that millions were or are dying to know about.

Filmmaker Steve Kroschel goes on a journey to find evidence supporting the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy -- a long-dismissed natural cancer cure.

His search takes him from Alaska to Mexico with stops in San Diego, New York, Japan, Holland and Spain. In the end, he presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to Gerson Therapy’s efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases and presents the hard scientific proof to back up their claims. Some testimonies include a Japanese medical school professor who cured himself of liver cancer over 15 years ago, a lymphoma patient who was diagnosed as terminal over 50 years ago, in addition to critics of this healing method who dismiss it as medical quackery.

Viewers are left to decide why this powerful therapy is still widely unknown more than 75 years after it was clearly proven to cure degenerative diseases.

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