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Mu 16 Tea, Eden

Herb Tea with Panax Ginseng
Increase strength and vitality.

Product of Japan

Eden Mu 16 herb tea consists of sixteen traditional Chinese healing herbs formulated by George Ohsawa, the father of Macrobiotics. It is a potent herbal tea with an appealing taste that is to be used in moderation. Each of the herbs contributes its own energy and benefit, but it is in their combined efficacy that each is magnified.

Truly a tea to both enjoy and promote strength and vitality. It is especially appealing during cold months. Mix it with good quality apple juice for a unique, pleasant experience.

*Not appropriate for the very young.

Preparation: One tea bag in one quart of water, boil for at least10 minutes and can be used twice making a second weaker tea. Only use stainless steel, glass, or earthenware to make and keep it to protect the nature of the herbs. 

Ingredients: Mandarin Orange Peel, Hoelen, Japanese Parsley Root, Peony Root, Atractylis Root, Cinnamon, Angelica Root, Licorice, Ginger Root, Cyperus Root, Apricot Kernel, Rehmannia Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Clove, Coptis Root, Moutan Root

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Available in 6g x 8 sachets per pack.

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