Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Nature's Glory 330ml/1litre (NA 8131P) (Best before: Approx.1 year)

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Organic Coconut Oil Nature's Glory

Extra Virgin

Organic coconut oil is a food used to protect the body from many ailments, internally and externally. An excellent source of lauric acid is a natural major component of mother’s milk and strengthens the immune system. The high content of lauric acid in Nature’s approved virgin coconut oil is quickly converted to lauric acid in the body and much is also easily converted to energy. Recently assembled scientific studies show that virgin (unrefined and non-hydrogenated) coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral and anti-protozoal properties leading to many identified health benefits. Organic coconut oil can be used in cooking, eaten by itself or applied topically.

Health benefits of coconut oil:

Hair Care: Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair. It helps in healthy growth of hair providing them a shiny complexion. Regular massage of the head with coconut oil ensures that your scalp is free of dandruff, lice, and lice eggs, even if your scalp is dry. It is an excellent conditioner and helps in the re-growth of damaged hair. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair. Coconut oil is normally applied topically for hair care.

Stress Relief: Coconut oil is very soothing and hence it helps in removing stress. Applying coconut oil to the head followed with a gentle massage helps in removing mental fatigue.

Skin Care: Coconut oil is an excellent massage oil for the skin. It acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skins including dry skin. Coconut oil, therefore, is a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays wrinkles and sagging of skin which normally becomes prominent with age. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.

Weight Loss: Coconut oil is very useful in reducing weight. It contains short and medium-chain fatty acids that help in taking off excessive weight. It is also easy to digest and it helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and digestive systems. Further, it increases the body metabolism by removing stress on pancreases, thereby burning out more energy and helping obese and overweight people reduce their weight.

Digestion: Internal use of coconut oil occurs primarily as cooking oil. Coconut oil helps in improving the digestive system and thus prevents various stomach and digestion-related problems including irritable bowel syndrome. The saturated fats present in coconut oil have anti-microbial properties and help in dealing with various bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc., that cause indigestion. Coconut oil also helps in absorption of other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids.

Immunity: Coconut oil is also good for the immune system. It strengthens the immune system as it contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Infections: Coconut oil is very effective against a variety of infections due to its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

Our premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is certified Organic and grown in the beautiful country of the Philippines. Full flavour and aroma from fresh Organic Coconuts. Suitable for raw food diets and any cooking/baking. Superb in curries, nasi lemak, chiffon cakes etc. Vegan and perfect dairy-free alternative. Great for athletes and bodybuilders!

Ingredients: Organic pure coconut oil

Storage: Store in a cool place after opening.

Product of Philippines

Available: 330ml, 1-litre

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