Food Healing (Cooking with Qi) - Jeff Primack (Indefinite shelf life)

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Food-Healing Cooking with Qi

by jeff Primack

Delicious food is your birthright. Taste does not have to be sacrificed on this HIGH-PHYTOCHEMICAL diet that is helping 10's of thousands to better health. Both raw & cooked dishes are exquisitely presented to help you sustain the highest energy levels and protect against disease. EATING food that heals your body has never tasted so good or been so easy! Includes superior tasting dairy-free Delicious Cooked Meals - Healing Sauces - Regenerative Desserts to help REVERSE: *Heart Disease *Diabetes *Cancer *Obesity *Digestive Problems *Hormonal Decline *Virus *Arthritis *Asthma *Osteoporosis and much more.

About the author: Jeff Primack has been an active student of Qigong since 1996. Since that time Jeff has shared Qigong (like Tai Chi), Breathing, and Food-Based Healing techniques with tens of thousands of people from all over the world in live seminars. Jeff is the founder of Supreme Science Qigong Center and produces the four-day event, Qi Revolution, one of the nation's largest Qigong gatherings of today. Jeff currently lives in the Miami Beach area of Florida.

Available: 1 book

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