Frozen Beef Sirloin Steak 250g New Zealand (BB: May 21,2023)

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Frozen Beef Sirloin St

Situated within the picturesque Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Red Hill's unique and caring husbandry practices allow its vealers to grow in a natural stress-free environment. 

Raised on the best pasture land Australia, Red Hill's vealers graze on a combination of natural clovers, phalaris, coxsfoot and rye grasses. The beautiful temperate climate in this region allows for all four seasons to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for its vealers. 

With stringent and uniform set of specifications, Red Hill has developed a broader program for the sourcing of vealers that meet its strict requirements. Red Hill veals are classed by weight to ensure that customers enjoy a light coloured meat of consistent size and quality. 

* Delicate Flavour

* Exceptional, consistent eating quality

* Low in Fat

* No Added Hormones

* Halal

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