Ginger Australia (Certified Organic At Farm)

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Organic Ginger, Nature's Glory

Product of Australia

Aside from controlling nausea associated with cancer caused by chemotherapy, ginger is now proving itself more and more a direct actor in the treatment of cancer, not just its side effects.

Ginger, when administered responsibly (moderate doses to non-pregnant patients) triggers virtually no side effects, which would place it, if studies continue to reap positive results, on a pedestal above other, harder to administer treatments that induce harsher side effects with uncertain success rates, for example chemotherapy.

The author of the study, J. Rebecca Liu, M.D., reasons that "most ovarian cancer patients develop recurrent disease that eventually becomes resistant to standard chemotherapy - which is associated with resistance to apoptosis. If ginger can cause autophagic cell death in addition to apoptosis, it may circumvent resistance to conventional chemotherapy.

Each batch of Nature's Glory's organic fresh produce are AIR FLOWN and accompanied by an organic produce certificate issued by NASAA or the certifying body of Australia and in the letterhead of the Australian Government. This ensures that you are getting top quality, genuine organic products, fresh from the farm.

Nature's Glory's cauliflower are grown organically at farm (certified at farm only) and transported in cold chain transport by air.  This ensures that you are getting fresh quality. 

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