Raw Forest "Birdnest" Honey Nature's Glory 450g (Best before: Approx. 2 years)

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Honey Raw Forest "Birdnest" Honey

Raw Forest Birdnest Honey is harvested from trees as high as 50m, dangerous cliffs and canyons. Only the top part of the hive is sustainably harvested and drip method is used: leading to minimum fermentation, maximum nutrients, enzymes and intensely rich in flavour.

Why Choose Our Honey

1. Precious honey harvested from wild forest trees, some up to 50m high; some on dangerous cliffs and canyons. Difficult to obtain, hence more expensive than farmed honey.

2. Hives are not squeezed on the spot but left to drip on a sieve to filter into tank

3. Sustainably harvested – the only top part of hive harvested to leave remaining for bees and their larvae;

4. Drip method employed results in high hygiene, minimum fermentation, maximum nutrients

5. Intense rich in flavour from flowers of papyrus, coffee, cashews, avocados etc

6. Rich in enzymes, trace minerals and other rare nutrients from wild forest. Some of these plants have very deep roots, which draw minerals from deep soil and it supercharges the honey with good minerals

7. All Natural, No Added Sugar, No heat pasteurisation or irradiation used, so you can get the whole nutrients, No Chemicals, No Pesticides


Due to seasonal variations, each batch of honey collect may taste and look different from another. As no heat is applied to the honey, it is normal that natural enzymes may appear after some time as a white/ brownish layer on top.

How to Use

Use only dry spoon but NOT metal spoons which may react with the natural enzymes present in the honey. Make your favourite refreshing beverage, spread or drizzle over bread, muesli, pancakes or enjoy on its own. (but not too much!) Store in a cool dry place.

Product of Indonesia

Available: 450g

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