Stainless Steel Cereal Maker (Indefinite shelf life)

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Size: 1pc


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Stainless Steel Cereal Maker

Grinder cum Cooker for Beans, Cereal, Grains

Stainless steel body & interior.

Cooks & grinds beans & grains thoroughly with a heavenly fragrance. Automatic control of temperature so that ingredients are well cooked & easily absorbed.

Flexibility (4 different select buttons) so you can choose what type of ingredients you want in your cereal.

Quick & easy to use. Cooks a delicious cereal meal in 18 minutes! Great for those who have difficulty chewing solid foods & those allergic to dairy.

Users testify of great health benefits with continued use: better bowel movement, better complexion & reduction of water retention & overall improved health.

Cereal Maker conforms to electrical safety standards of Japan, Europe & Singapore.

Product of China

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