Kombu Powder Nature's Glory 100g (Seaweed) (Best before: Approx. 1 year)

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Kombu Seaweed Powder Nature's Glory

Product of Japan

P.S. We scan every batch for radiation with an in-house Geiger equipment.

Kombu contains alginic acid which helps rid the body of cholesterol, control blood pressure, quicken work of intestines, and resist the absorption of harmful strontium and cadmium into the body.

Kombu Powder is easy to use. Just sprinkle and you will enjoy a delightful and nutritious dish or soup.

Ingredient: Kombu

Moisture: 9.5%; Protein: 8.2%; Lipid: 1.2%; Carbohydrates: 61.5%; Ash: 19.6%; Calcium: 710mg; Phosphorous: 200mg; Iron: 3.9mg; Potassium: 6,100mg

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Available: 100g

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