Kombu Shiitake Dashi w/o Bonito Muso 10g x 10

Nature's GlorySKU: 3-M34

Content: 10g x 10



Product of Japan

Kombi-Shiitake Dashi (soup broth) is made from kombu, shiitake and bonito flakes. It contains no preservatives and no additives.

NATURE'S GLORY brings to you an easy and convenient way to make delicious tasting dashi quickly, yet healthy.

It can be used in various recipes such as broth with udon, cooked vegetables, stew, clear soup, miso soup, fried rice, sautéed vegetables, etc.

Preparation: Simply add on to any stew, soup, porridge or cooked vegetables.

Ingredients: Glucose, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, Shiitake Powder and Kombu Powder.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

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