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Lotus Root Powder, Greenmax

Product of Taiwan

Greenmax lotus root bird horse jade mountain lotus root powder 300g

Lotus root bird provids nutriants: citric acid, Vitamin b12, Vitamin c, Amino acids, Proteins, Trace element.

It help to reduce heat, promote beauty and environment digest.

Inredients: Lotus root powder, tapioca starch

Direction for use:

1. Add a small mount of cold water to 2 tablespoon (15 g) Of lotus root bird, And then add in 200 ml of pumping water, It will turn into sticky texture. You may add in approximately 10g of sugar, mix well and it is ready for served. It can be preserved cool.

2. You may add in honey or milk  to make the lotus root bird tea. You can also add into soap or snack recording to your indigenous reference.

Product characteristics:

1.High-quality nutrients of lotus root powder: citric acid, vitamin b12, c, amino acid, protein, vitamin element, is a very valuable food, brew and drink.

2.Cool annealing, facial beauty, promote digestion.

Food description:

1.Use 2 spoons(About 15 grams)Pour lotus root powder into the cup, add a small amount of cold water and mix well. add 1000c boiling water 200ml to brew. lotus root powder immediately becomes a sticky liquid. add appropriate amount(Sugar, maltose, ice sugar, fructose)About 10 grams, stirring and dissolving can be consumed. chilled and chilled, with better flavor

2. Cold lotus root powder tea can add honey, fresh milk, osmanthus sauce, can be mixed with soup cooking dessert dishes.。Such as creative eating method, also have a special flavor, the health value is better.

Available: 300g

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