Natural Nigari Salt Nature's Glory 500g (Indefinite shelf life)

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Natural Nigari Salt Nature's Glory

Product of Japan

Nature’s Glory Nigari is a combination of magnesium chloride and other salts contained naturally in seawater. It is used commonly in the Orient as a precipitating agent in making tofu. Nigari is made directly from seawater by double evaporating seawater.

Our nigari brings out the natural sweetness of soybeans and naturally allows the tofu to maintain its firmshape and flavor. Using nigari also creates a softer tofu skin with a sweeter flavor.

Why Choose Us

100% Natural, No Bleaching, No added chemicals,

Nutritional analysis: Magnesium Chloride (>46%), Water

Ingredients: 100% Natural Nigari.

Storage: Keep in a cool place.

Available: 500g

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