Nature's Glory Brown Rice Vinegar 650ml (NA 8131P) (Best before: Approx. 1 year)

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Organic Brown Rice Vinegar 

Product of Japan

Brown rice vinegar is brewed from brown rice and koji at the base of a secluded mountain range, free from industrial pollution. Climatic conditions like clean air, water and soil are very important in the brewing of high-quality vinegar.

Unlike other vinegar, Nature’s Glory brown rice vinegar has a milder taste with harmless acid content and does not contain food additives.

The level of organic and amino acids is higher in brown rice vinegar than other types of vinegar. Brown rice vinegar aids in the recovery of fatigue and helps prevent hardening of blood vessels. It is known as a natural medicine and is indispensable in preventing geriatric diseases. Some people drink brown rice vinegar to maintain their health, and it is especially effective for people with a "yang" constitution.

Using brown rice vinegar in salads keeps the vegetables fresh and helps retain vitamin C for longer periods of time. It is also often used in sushi.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Brown Rice, and Aspergillus Oryzae (Koji).
Storage: Keep in a cool place.

Available: 650ml

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