Nature's Glory Chlorella 250 Tablets

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Nature's Glory Chlorella (Tablets)

Product of Japan

Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella is cultivated in world-renowned second largest coral reef island in Ishigaki, off Okinawa, Japan, which is known for its clean and unpolluted, coral reef waters, excellent weather of sub-tropics and unspoiled nature, under strict quality inspection and based on ISO9001-HACCP standards.

Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella is harvested for its highest nutrient levels in Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.), up to 24%, and chlorophyll, 1.4 times higher than those indoor-cultivated ones. It has the highest digestibility, 100 per cent purity (contain no impurities mixed with other algae and no binders) and an exceptionally fragrant taste. Yaeyama is the world pioneer and has over 40 years of technology in the cultivation of Chlorella.


  • 40 times the Leutin compared to spinach (Leutin is an important nutrient for the eyes and is anti inflammatory) 
  • Builds the immune system
  • Maintains health, beauty and youth
  • Increases the body's resistance against disease infections
  • Controls tumour cells
  • Stimulates tissue and genetic material repair
  • Regulates enzyme production
  • Regains energy
  • Protects cells against toxins
  • Improves bowel function and memory
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves liver function and blood counts
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Improves stomach ulcer, skin disorders, and anaemia
  • Stimulates appetite

Dosage: Take 1-15 tablets daily or more after meals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our chlorella products are batch tested for radiation & must pass our local requirements before export.

Available: 250 Tablets

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