Nature's Glory Ume Plum Vinegar 650ml (Best before: Approx. 2 years)

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Ume Plum Vinegar Nature's Glory

Product of Japan

Ume Plum Vinegar is a by-product of pickling ume plums with sea salt and shiso (beefsteak) leaves. The resultant extract, “ume-su” or plum vinegar contains many of the nutrients of umeboshi.

Ume-su can be used in salads, local starchy noodle dishes (like “Lor Mee”). When used as an alternative for salt and water in the making of rice balls, these will keep fresher for longer.

**replace out more about Ume Plum, click on Condiments & Pickles for Umeboshi Organic, Code C86-1.

Ingredients: Ume, shiso leaves and sea salt.
Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place

Available: 650ml

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