Oral Botanica Kids 100% Organic Liquid Toothpaste 15ml (Best before: Jan 2026)

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Oral Botanica Kids 100% Organic Liquid Toothpaste

Made in Singapore.

Oral Botanica Kids is a 100% organic food-grade liquid toothpaste. These are powerful substances from nature to protect vulnerable children's teeth. This precise formulation of 100% pure organic botanical oils of almond, lemon, spearmint, fennel, lime and myrrh oils, is designed to kill the bad bacteria that are living in the mouth. It is specifically developed as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory with powerful natural ingredients eliminating the need for chemicals laden toothpaste.

Oral Botanica KIDS helps to provide Dual Protection (Enamel Protection and Cavity Prevention) against tooth decay. The combination of lemon and sweet fennel taste is perfect for children 2 years and above. Help your children protect their teeth. Children's teeth can be very difficult to care for. Both delicate and fragile: they are easily susceptible to sensitivity and tooth decay. And though a lot of parents think that their child's first set of teeth are not that important, the truth is, their proper growth and development have a huge impact on their adult lives.

As a matter of fact, most dentists agree that caring for your children's teeth early can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. Aside from proper diet and nutrition, your children's teeth need both proper cleansing and protection. Your child's teeth will need to be regularly maintained to help prevent the development of cavities. Their teeth should also be able to develop, grow and re-mineralize properly.

Oral Botanica Kids not only eliminates bad bacteria but also provides adequate protection for your child's teeth and gums, using only 100% natural and organic ingredients. No dangerous hidden chemicals. No SLS, no Fluoride, no abrasive chemicals, no sweetener.

How to use -4 Steps to Oral Hygiene:

1. Floss your teeth after meals and before go to bed.

2.Put 2 drops of Oral Botanica on a toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Rinse Lightly.

3.Add 2-3 drop Oral Botanica on the tip of your tongue to breath freshener.

Ingredients in Oral Botanica Kids:

Organic Almond Oil - Strong antioxidant, cleans teeth, removes stains.

Organic Lemon Oil - Antiseptic, Strengthens the gums and natural whitening.

Organic Spearmint Oil - Antibacterial to keep a healthy mouth. Prevent cavity.

Organic Fennel Oil - Antibacterial to get rid of bad breath.

Organic Lime Oil - Antiseptic, antiviral. Ensure healthy mouth environment

Organic Myrrh - Supports healing against mouth ulcers.

Available: 15ml

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