Orange(Valencia) Australia (Certified Organic At Farm)

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Health Benefits

Oranges are the most popular source of vitamin C. They are excellent for treating overacid body conditions, constipation, or a particularly sluggish intestinal tract. In cases of acidosis, drink orange juice, or eat oranges after meals. If the intestinal tract is not functioning properly, drink a large glass of orange juice upon awakening in the morning, or about one-half hour before breakfast. In cases of stomach acid deficiency, start the meal with a peeled orange or a glass of orange juice.

Those who suffer from tooth decay or poor gums are probably lacking in vitamin C and should drink large amounts of orange juice for a period of a few weeks. People with gastric and duodenal ulcers are deficient in ascorbic acid, and their diet should be supplemented with a high potency vitamin C such as that found in fresh oranges and orange juice.

Oranges are very good for elimination. They stir up the acid accumulations and catarrhal settlements in the body very quickly. However, sometimes this is not a good idea if the channels of elimination, such as the skin and kidneys, are not able to take out these acids fast enough. A body acid condition resulting from a high protein diet can best be neutralized and eliminated by the alkaline mineral elements found in fruits and vegetables. Oranges and all citrus fruits are particularly valuable because they are alkaline-reacting. People who are ill with a cold or other minor illness and who still must continue their daily work will replace that orange juice, or a citrus juice diet, is the next best thing to a complete fast and rest in bed. In cases of high fevers or arthritis, drink orange juice freely. Use orange juice where soft diets are required, and where a low calorie diet is necessary.

Eat the whole orange, excluding the very outer skin, to get all the good from the fruit. The luscious orange is rated tops in importance in the contribution to good health.

Each batch of Nature's Glory's organic fresh produce are AIR FLOWN and accompanied by an organic produce certificate .This ensures that you are getting top quality, genuine organic products, fresh from the farm.

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