Organic Apple Crimson Gold USA

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Organic Crimson Gold Apples, a fat-free food

The Crimson Gold Apple is a classic American Heirloon Apple. It is a perfect fresh snack, and is great for traditional crabapple jelly or fine patries.

These sweet Crimson Gold Apples are organically grown in the Albano family's orchards in Cuyama, Califonia.

The Cuyama Valley is a mountainous area of Sana Barbara country surrounded by towering peaks and national forest.

Warm days, cool nights, and an abundant native water supply make this unique little valley the perfect place to grow sweet, crunchy, juicy apples that are bursting with flavor.

USDA Certified Organic . Dairy Free . Low Fat . Low Sodium . Paleo Friendly . Vegan . Wholefoods Diet

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