Organic Craftsman Ponzu Sauce Nature's Glory 180ml (BB: Jan 13,2025)

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Organic Craftsman Ponzu Sauce

Product of Japan

An organic ponzu with a mellow flavor and aroma that's free from brewed vinegar and lavishly uses Japanese organic sudachi, yuzu and yuko citrus juices. Use for hotpot, boiled tofu, vinegared fish, grilled fish, Japanese-style salad, gyoza, boiled soy sauce, etc.

As a substitute for soy sauce in various dishes, salt content is reduced and you can use it deliciously. Also use it as a non-oil dressing.

Due to the extravagant use of citrus juice, there are sediments and floating substances unique to the juice, but this serves to preserve the citrus aroma.
Shake well before use.

Ingredients: Organic soy sauce, organic sudachi, organic yuzu, malt starch syrup, salt, organic Fermented rice seasoning, organic yukou, kombu, organic dried shiitake mushrooms

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