Organic Ginger Ale Nature's Glory 250ml (BB: August 27,2024)

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Organic Ginger Ale 

Product of Japan

An organic ginger ale made from organic ginger from Japan. The organic ginger spices up the refreshing flavor, making it all the more invigorating.

Taste better when chilled!

Ingredients: Organic sugar, organic apple juice, organic ginger, organic lemon juice, organic sudachi juice/carbonic acid. There may be cases where organic ginger is agglomerated, or black or brown grains derived from raw materials may be seen, but there is no problem with quality. 

Since the content ingredients such as ginger have precipitated, open it as shown in the image above. 

Gently invert the can 3-4 times so that the carbonic acid does not boil over. 

Available: 250ml


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