Nature's Glory Green Tea 2g x 10 Organic (NA 8131P)

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Organic Green Tea (in tea bags) Nature's Glory

Product of Japan

Our green tea is grown by family-owned organic farms in Uji, Japan. Traditional farming using organic fertilizers with careful processing ensure very high quality and nutrients - A truly healthful beverage for today’s stressful lifestyle. Regular sipping of green tea may help prevent arthritis, with strong antioxidant effects.

Green tea contains more vitamin C than the other types of tea though it has the highest levels of caffeine among Japanese teas. (300ml contains more vitamin C than one apple).

Caffeine stimulates the brain and keeps one alert. Strong green tea is also reputed to treat hangovers as caffeine discharges alcohol from the body.

Preparation: Steep 1 tea bag in a cup of hot water (80˚C) for 1 minute. Vary dose according to taste and requirement.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Green Tea

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.

Available: 2g x 10 tea bags

Also available: Organic Green Tea (Grade A) of 100g

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