Organic Orange Jam Les Comtes de Provence 350g(BB: December 2025)

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Organic Orange Jam, Les Comtes de Provence

Made in France

Discover the delightful tastes and flavours of Jam Spreads from Provence, France! The traditional and organic jams are made by expertise inherited from ancient jam recipes and cooked in pots!

Comtes de Provence uses only the ripest and most delicious fruits to create this jam! Prepared in small batches in an open cauldron, Comtes de Provence then rapidly cools the preserves to protect the colour, flavour and delicate texture of the jam. This jam has large pieces of fruit and is deliciously spreadable. Using organic and non-GMO ingredients, these preserves are wonderful for spreading on toast, using in baking, adding to yogurt and more.

Ingredients: Organic orange, organic orange juice, organic cane sugar, fruits pectin, organic concentrated lemon juice.

Available: 350g

Best before: May 24, 2024

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